Y-START Incubator - Admission

Admissions requirements

Access to the Y-START incubator is reserved for companies:

  • In business for less than a year
  • Recorded in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Vaud (or in process to be so)
  • Active in skilled sectors of Medium and High Tech (MHT) or Industry Knowledge (IS) according to commonly accepted definitions
  • Who maintain collaboration with an institution of education and research (IER)

The incubator does not allow domiciled companies.  Every incubated company must provide the immediate creation of at least one job.

The acceptance decision comes from an ad hoc Selection Committee which, following the application and presentation by the project leaders, decides based on the following criteria:

  • Degree of technical innovation/technology
  • Economic potential (job creation and added value)
  • Relevance of the business model/funding capacity
  • Capacity/motivation of project leaders

The decision of the Selection Committee may be appealed to the Board of Directors of Y-Parc SA.

Incubation period

The service contract is concluded for a fixed period of at least 3 months, renewable automatically every month. Presence in the incubator is limited to 2 years, with no possibility of renewal.