Y-START Business incubator

Hot Spot for Technopreneurship 

Vision, ambition and excellence: your business plan is nourished by these three fundamental qualities, reflected by your personality.  You want to get off on the right foot and arrange all the chances for success.  The Y-START incubator is the perfect resource to give life to your initiative!

Located in the heart of Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole, the business incubator Y-START offers a conducive environment in the early stages of the life of your business:

  • Provides premises and services tailored to the needs of start-up
  • Active support (coaching; linking businesses)
  • Strong interactions with the University of Applied Science in Business and Engineering of the Canton of Vaud (HEIG-VD)
  • A variety of possible synergies with companies in Y-PARC
  • A broad network of specialized support organizations

The missing link

Established in 2011 by Y-Parc Ltd with the support of its business and academic partners, the Y-START incubator is the link between the two worlds of research and industry.

Y-START is a technology incubator

In line with the core purposes of Y-PARC, the Y-START incubator positions itself in the realms of innovation and new technologies, and seeks to make the best use of engineering skills that are locally available.

Y-START is a general incubator

Open to all sectors of industry, the value of the incubator lies particularly in the diversity and complementarities of the expertise of its members.

Y-START is a public incubator

As opposed to a private incubator, Y-START does not seek to recoup its investment by participating in the equity of its start-ups. The incubator is pursuing a public purpose : the creation of jobs and added value !