Land for sale

250'000 square meters of zoned and equiped land

With some 50 hectares, Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole is the largest science and technology park in Switzerland in terms of area.

The partial land allocation plan (plan partiel d'affectation - PPA) ensures rapid implementation of zoned land, equipped and ready to welcome new business activities.

A new PPA has entered into force on October 24th, 2014. This provides for a higher site density (a higher coefficient of land use—CUS—of 1.5), as well as many landscaping projects to make daily life more pleasant in the park.

About 250'000 square meters of buildable land are currently still available, divisible into parcels of 3'000 to 25'000 square meters. thus adapting perfectly to your needs.

To date, the price of land is CHF 240.- per square meter.

The land belongs to the Science and Technology Park Condominium (Copropriété du PST), which is responsible for maintaining its value.

Y-Parc SA offers free support services for all acquisition and construction projects.