Industry Tradition

The legacy of watch making

Y-PARC - Swiss Technopole is located at the foot of the Jura mountains, which has been the site of internationally renowned Swiss watch making for centuries.

This tradition of precision work is embedded in the genes of local businesses, which provide an invaluable source of employees and subcontractors.

Their expertise in micro-technology and their famous "Made in Switzerland" quality are found today in many growing industrial sectors, such as medicine, machinery and electronics. Many Y-PARC companies have advanced skills in development and production in these areas.

An exceptional industrial network

The heart of Y-PARC - Swiss Technopole consists of a network of industrial SMEs that develop along with new technologies to enhance their competitive positions.

Fully aware of market realities, these entrepreneurs work pragmatically in business development producing a culture that is conducive to the emergence of new products and services.

The density of this exceptional industrial network fosters innovative, top-level research in emerging industries that feature high value-added products.

It was essential to capitalize on the know-how accumulated over decades by local professionals.  We find that Y-PARC is a pool of powerful workforce performance.

Christopher Baur
Director of SCHOTT Suisse SA

In the early years of 2000, the SCHOTT Group acquired Guinchard Optical Glass, a local SME founded in 1968, which was later established at Y-PARC.  SCHOTT Suisse SA now employs nearly 180 people and is one of the most renowned manufacturers of quality optics for industrial applications