Education & Research Centers

A world of innovation

Switzerland consistently ranks among the most innovative countries in the world, and the Canton of Vaud is one of the main Swiss centers of research and development.

Y-PARC - Swiss Technopole takes full advantage of this dynamism, as the University of Applied Sciences in Business and Engineering of the Canton of Vaud (HEIG-VD) has chosen Y-PARC to locate its Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer (CeTT), one of the most productive in Switzerland.

Y-PARC companies thus benefit from privileged access to technical, scientific and entrepreneurial expertise available within 14 Research & Development institutes and transversal groups of the HEIG-VD, as well as a formidable pool of skilled labor.

Besides HEIG-VD, within a 50km area are located many internationally renowned universities such as :

Thanks to the support of Y-PARC, the PlanetSolar project could become a reality and a reference in the world of great adventures in the twenty-first century.”

Raphaël Domjan
Initiator of the PlanetSolar project

On 4 May 2012, after 19 months at sea, the PlanetSolar ship made the first circumnavigation of the world on solar energy.  This feat has benefited from proprietary technologies developed at Y-PARC in close collaboration with institutes at HEIG-VD and the Adrena company.