Information Technology Security

  • Established in the early 2000’s, the Institute for ICT of HEIG-VD is a specialized team of professors, engineers and researchers involved with industrial cryptography, software security, network security, development of secure mobile applications, security against reverse engineering, cybercrime, authentication (PKI), as well as analysis and optimization of information technology infrastructures, Big Data, and Cloud technologies.
  • These skills are available to companies that specialize in security (Kudelski, for example, in government security services), as well as to any company wishing to review or enhance the robustness of its IT products against cyber attacks.
  • A rich skill network regularly contributes to the development of many companies whose activity requires a high level of integration of IT security components.
  • Each year, Y-PARC co-organizes and hosts the Application Security Forum (Cyber Security Alliance Conference as from 11.05.2014, then Black Alps in 2017), the flagship event for IT security in French Switzerland.  HEIG-VD also regularly organizes specialized seminars and “Cyber Security Weeks.”
  • The center of expertise in Information Technology Security, Big Data, and Cloud computing at HEIG-VD/Y-PARC currently has about 50 specialized information technology engineers.
  • See the article published in the YNFO Newsletter, No. 2, Summer 2013 (, 815 KB, French)

Medical Technology

  • The region’s watch-making tradition has had an important influence on the robust development of the Y-PARC medical sector through its expertise in precision manufacturing, which is almost a genetic component of local businesses.

  • The machining of precision parts, the assembly of mechanical and electronic systems, the development of embedded systems and e-health applications, and the use of rigorous quality standards are some of the main areas of expertise available in the region.

  • Y-PARC counts among its resident medtech companies world-renowned leaders in their fields; companies such as Heraeus Medical Components, Dentsply-Maillefer and Symbios Orthopédie are all engaged in high level R&D and global scale production.

  • The park is also home to start-ups and highly specialized SMEs that often act as subcontractors for the watch-making and/or medical device industries (Tital, Yttermed, EP Solutions, Awaiba, Titanium Engineering), as well as companies specializing in medical product compliance and quality control (Startech Consulting, Ariaq).

  • HEIG-VD features a multi- and trans-disciplinary R&D organization that works exclusively with the medical sector: the Health Engineering & Economics Group (HE&E), which brings together specialized expertise from five R&D institutes.

  • The Health Engineering & Economics Group (HE&E), in collaboration with the University of Health Sciences of the Canton of Vaud (HESAV), is behind the creation of the Health-Engineering Platform, which aims to combine engineering and health care for joint projects (new product development, applied research, higher education, and start-up creation).

  • See the article published in the YNFO Newsletter, No. 3, Fall 2013 (, 618 KB, French)