Decentralized governance

Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole  has a business model and governance structure integrating several partners who working in close coordination.

Y-Parc Ltd

Your exclusive interlocutor

Y-Parc Ltd is the management company and leader of Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole (site & facility management).

Mandated by the municipal and cantonal authorities to coordinate the operation and development of the park infrastructure and services, Y-Parc Ltd pursues a public purpose.

Its role is to interface with the resident companies, investors, owners, developers, and various economic stakeholders by developing Y-PARC.

Y-Parc Ltd acts as a “one-stop shop” and facilitator for any investment project, business set-up, or business development activities in the park. Most of its services are free of charge.

Y-Parc Ltd also manages the incubator Y-START.

Joint Ownership of PST (Copropriété du PST)

A unique land tenure plan

To ensure a coordinated and harmonious development of the site, various landowners are grouped in a condominium.

Thus, the Joint Ownership of the Science and Technology Park (Copropriété du PST) is responsible for the valuation of all lands of Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole. It is composed of:

  • The City of Yverdon-les-Bains
  • The Establishment of insurance against fire and natural elements in the Canton of Vaud (ECA)
  • The Canton of Vaud

Building owners

A climate of healthy competition

With its large surface area, Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole hosts many owners and property developers who have chosen to invest in the site and now offer space for rent of all types (offices, laboratories, industrial locales) .

This business model ensures an intense property development dynamic (a new building has arrived, on average, each year for 10 years), an excellent matching of supply with respect to business rental demand, and the maimntenance of very competitive prices.